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A booming industry and extreme demands for real estate properties in Cambodia pave the way for real estate projects to flourish. A potential market always comes with heated competition which is why Urbanland, an inspiring Cambodian real estate developer, sought out twd.’s digital marketing solutions. As a member of ISI Group, Urbanland develops its real estate projects with people-centered principles, and by integrating quality of life, sustainability, and a healthy environment. With the implementation of digital ads including social media ads, and search engine marketing, twd. helps Urbanland to achieve its goals.

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Project Task
Urbanland Case Study


Urbanland and twd.’s collaborative project demonstrates the potential of digital marketing for gaining exposure, leads, and building customer loyalty. twd.’s team successfully increased the performance of three Urbanland projects—Urbanland, Borey Chankiri, and K Mall—despite challenges posed by growing competition. Establishing a strong social media presence is particularly difficult due to the surge of similar businesses. Additionally, newly established pages like Borey Chankiri and K Mall face disadvantages in achieving high-ranking visibility. The delivery of ads on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, heavily relies on content and creativity, making it essential to have an internal team to overcome these hurdles. Furthermore, the project faced difficulties in establishing authority on search engines. Content building and site domain authority are crucial for generating website leads, but since businesses target the same keywords, fluctuations in cost-per-click (CPC) and volume are inevitable. Limited bidding capability becomes an issue when the bidding budget is insufficient, affecting visibility.


One might shy away from challenges too great to solve. But here at twd., we love good challenges. This project is headed by Mr. Samnang Devith, our SEO & SEM Department head, with support from our digital ads executive, Mr. Long Vattanak. With such an interesting project in hand, our team showed enthusiasm for providing the best digital marketing solutions.

To overcome potential challenges in social media ad performance, the team provides targeted solutions with cost-effective results, aiming to convert as many potential audiences as possible. They collaborate with Urbanland’s internal team to develop creative copy, conduct ad tests, and adapt strategies based on campaign objectives. Monitoring competitors’ performance closely, the team explores innovative approaches. Daily ad monitoring and optimization ensure optimal monthly results.

On the SEM front, the team seizes the challenge as an opportunity, implementing a collaborative strategy that involves daily monitoring of keyword rankings. They modify ad headlines and meta descriptions using high-ranking keywords and optimize the cost per impression to achieve lower cost-per-result. Continuous support is provided to the creative team, helping them advertise creatively to attract more website traffic and leads.


Owing to the deliberate team’s effort and effective use of strategy, this project achieved satisfying results for both social media ads and SEM. Ultimately, twd. effectively helped to increase brand exposure for all three Urbanland projects and achieved significant KPIs including:

Page Likes increment per month
People Reached per month
Audiences for Retargeting

Without a doubt, the results achieved for SEM also outperformed the estimated results considering the obstacles faced in securing these numbers:

View Rate – Youtube Ads
Of the Top of Page Rate – Search Ads