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Decathlon Cambodia

Decathlon Cambodia

Decathlon Cambodia is a leading sporting goods retailer that offers a wide range of high-quality products across various sports categories. As their trusted partner, twd. has been entrusted with the project of optimizing their SEO performance to enhance their online visibility and attract more potential customers. The scope of our work includes increasing site performance, improving on-page SEO scores, optimizing site data, content optimization, and posting, as well as guest posting.

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Decathlon Cambodia
Project Task



The primary challenge we faced was optimizing the SEO performance of Decathlon Cambodia’s e-commerce website, which had never been optimized before as a system platform. Our objectives were threefold: to enhance Decathlon’s search engine appearance in Cambodia, improve keyword ranking, and enhance site performance and on-page SEO.


To optimize Decathlon Cambodia’s SEO, our experienced team implemented a multi-faceted approach. We focused on improving site speed, performance, and domain authority to increase the SEO score. Through in-depth keyword research, we targeted specific keywords and utilized on-page optimization techniques to enhance their search engine rankings. We also employed off-page optimization strategies, including content marketing, site directory creation, and resolving search console errors, aligning with Google’s expectations and improving website quality. Additionally, we optimized Decathlon Cambodia’s Google My Business profiles, accurately categorizing their business, optimizing their product catalog, and leveraging platform features for enhanced local online visibility.


Our efforts yielded significant results for Decathlon Cambodia’s SEO optimization project. We successfully achieved the following outcomes:

Keyword Ranking: Through our targeted strategies, we managed to improve the keyword rankings for Decathlon Cambodia’s website, boosting their visibility and driving more organic traffic.

Google Search Console Errors: We diligently addressed the existing errors in the Google Search Console, ensuring a smoother indexing process and improved website performance.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization: By implementing on-page optimization techniques and deploying effective off-page strategies, we enhanced Decathlon Cambodia’s overall SEO performance, leading to better organic search rankings.

Robots.txt and XML Sitemap Optimization: We optimized the Robots.txt file and XML sitemap to ensure better crawlability and indexing by search engines, further improving the website’s visibility.

In 10 weeks we manage to deliver:

+ 17
Authority Score
+ 2
Domain Authority
+ 219
Keywords Ranking
+ 4
SEO Score
+ 40
Site Performance