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Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Bank Cambodia is one of the leading financial institutions offering a wide range of banking services in Cambodia. As part of their digital marketing strategy, Shinhan Bank recognized the importance of optimizing their Google Business Profile to enhance their online presence and improve customer engagement. In order to achieve this, they partnered with us twd. , to optimize their Google Business Profiles for their seven branches.

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Shinhan Bank


The main challenge faced by Shinhan Bank was the technical optimization of their Google Business Profiles. These profiles needed to be optimized to ensure maximum visibility in search engine results and to provide accurate and up-to-date information to potential customers. Some of the key technical aspects that required attention included:

1. Accurate and consistent business information: Ensuring that the business name, address, phone number, and other details were consistent across 7 branches and accurately reflected in the Google Business Profiles.

2. Verification and authentication: Verifying each branch’s Google Business Profile to ensure authenticity and build trust with potential customers.


twd. assigned our experienced SEO manager, Mr. Samnang Devith, and his team member, Sak Sovannrith, to closely collaborate with Shinhan Bank. They conducted a thorough technical audit of each branch’s Google Business Profile, optimizing the business information for consistency and accuracy. They worked with the Google team to verify and authenticate each profile to enhance profile visibility in search engine results.


After two months of optimization, twd. successfully verified and optimized the Google Business Profiles for all seven branches of Shinhan Bank Cambodia. The results achieved included improved profile visibility in search engine results, accurate and updated information for customers, and increased customer engagement. This led to higher organic traffic, improved brand exposure, and enhanced overall customer experience.

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