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Credit Guarantee Corporation of Cambodia

Credit Guarantee Corporation of Cambodia

In the dynamic landscape of Cambodia’s financial sector, the Credit Guarantee Corporation of Cambodia (CGCC) stands as a beacon of trust and support for businesses. As CGCC embarked on its journey to expand its reach and empower entrepreneurs across the country, our partnership with twd took center stage. Our mission? To elevate CGCC’s online presence through cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies, catapulting their brand to new heights. 

With a newly established website, CGCC faced the thrilling challenge of establishing a strong online presence. Our mission was clear: to bring their virtual home to life, attracting potential clients and becoming a prominent player in the industry.

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Making an impact in the vast digital landscape was a daunting task. CGCC’s new website faced fierce competition and struggled to stand out, leaving its potential untapped. To overcome this challenge, we aimed to inject vitality into their online presence, ensuring that every click brought visitors to CGCC. However, we understood that grabbing attention was just the beginning; our goal was to spark interest, build trust, and surpass competitors in the financial industry.


We assembled a highly skilled team, combining the expertise of our SEO specialist, Mr. Samnang Devith, and the creative talent of Sreoun Hangpor, our visionary Creative Director. Mr. Devith led our SEO efforts, meticulously optimizing CGCC’s website for outstanding performance, improved search rankings, and increased domain authority. Every aspect of optimization, from meta tags to site speed and user experience, was carefully fine-tuned to create a masterpiece.

Simultaneously, Sreoun Hangpor worked his magic in the realm of SEM, crafting captivating ads designs that brought CGCC’s brand message to life. With the help of Devith, backed by thorough keyword research and a deep understanding of CGCC’s target audience, our SEM strategy unfolded like a symphony. We orchestrated a harmonious blend of bidding strategies, ad placements, and audience optimization, ensuring CGCC’s ads dazzled in the spotlight.


After 12 months of unwavering dedication, our SEO and SEM efforts have yielded remarkable results for CGCC. Their profile now commands attention on search engines, consistently securing top rankings for targeted keywords. CGCC’s website performance has undergone a remarkable transformation, achieving new levels of speed and user experience. This has led to a substantial increase in organic traffic, attracting a stream of qualified leads and potential partnerships.

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But our journey to success doesn’t stop there. Our SEM campaigns have resonated profoundly with CGCC’s highly desired audience. Through captivating ad designs, precise keyword targeting, and audience optimization, CGCC’s brand has emerged as a formidable presence. Click-through rates have soared, conversions have surged, and CGCC’s influence has permeated the financial landscape of Cambodia.

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