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Meet Our SEO/SEM Manager

Meet Mr. Samnang Devith, one of the key members of our team at twd. Devith is a brilliant and cheerful team member who has worked with us for over four years. With his charisma, he has led and completed some challenging projects such as Decathlon, Shinhan Bank, CGCC, and Urbanland.

Despite his profession in SEO/SEM and social media ads, Devith successfully finished his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance in 2021. This exemplifies being perfectly imperfect and that you can always choose a different career path from the major you studied in college.

He originally became interested in SEO/SEM and social media ads because of their potential and how fascinating the digital marketing algorithm is, as well as how the audience interacts with it and produces various outcomes.

What sets Devith apart is his ability to work collaboratively within his team and with others. He is always willing to listen to feedback and will go above and beyond to ensure that the final product meets the needs of our clients.

The recognition of the immense potential of digital marketing has resulted in a significant movement in Cambodia in that direction. In order to reap financial rewards, an increasing number of business owners are prepared to make investments and implement best practices. But there are always stages of combat behind every effective strategy, from comprehending the client’s business to devising an execution strategy to delivering on the plan’s promise.

We frequently deal with demanding schedules and project timelines, but Devith has always been upbeat and encouraged the team. What drives and interests me about my work as an expert in this industry is the need to keep current and comprehend new technologies, Devith added.