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Sreun Hangpor - Creative Talent

Meet Our Creative Talent

Introducing Hangpor, the Art Director at twd, our talented and experienced professional in the creative industry. Despite his impressive body of work and 6 years of experience, Hangpor has honed his skills and developed a unique style that sets him apart from the rest. He shared his personal experiences on how he maintains his creative output and the costs he incurs while doing so.

Hangpor mentioned that taking breaks and engaging in physical activities, keeping up with the world through social media, and listening to music to relax and improve mental well-being are the three key factors that help him stay creative.

Sreun Hangpor - Creative Talent

However, Hangpor also stated that staying creative does come at a cost. Despite not incurring any financial costs, Hangpor often finds himself feeling frustrated by deadlines and feeling overwhelmed with work.

To overcome these challenges, Hangpor believes in taking risks and stepping out of his comfort zone. He believes that this is the key to unlocking his full creative potential and constantly striving for improvement.

“At twd, we understand the importance of staying creative and how it can impact our work. We encourage our team members to find what works for them and continuously improve and push their limits,” said Hangpor.

Sreun Hangpor - Creative Talent