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Pel Panhavatey - Lead Generation

Meet Our Content & Media Manager

twd. takes immense pride in its talented team, and today we are delighted to introduce Ms. Pel Panhavatey, our exceptional Content & Media Manager. With extensive experience in content marketing management, Ms. Panhavatey brings a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and adaptability to our organization.

According to Panhavatey, Content marketing management combines creative writing, digital marketing, and project management. In her nearly four years of experience working with many brands and government entities, she has honed the ability to be creative, strategic, and flexible simultaneously. Crafting captivating campaign ideas and effectively reaching target audiences across various formats and platforms is a source of great satisfaction for her.

Pel Panhavatey - Lead Generation


Panhavatey embraces the dynamic nature of content marketing management, which necessitates adaptability and the eagerness to tackle new challenges. By staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape to Cambodia’s unique people behavior, cultural and economic context, she continually discovers her full potential.

Despite the unique challenges of working in Cambodia, including limited resources, technological constraints, and knowledge gaps, Ms. Panhavatey offers valuable insights on how to overcome these obstacles:

Build a strong organic presence: Prioritize creating quality content and optimizing websites to drive traffic and engagement.

Leverage social media platforms: Utilize widely used platforms like Facebook, Instagram and the newly emerging platform Tiktok to cost-effectively reach target audiences and enhance brand presence.

Collaborate with local partners: Form partnerships with local businesses, influencers, and organizations to tap into existing networks and establish a stronger community presence.

Attend industry events and training programs: Stay updated with the latest trends and participate in relevant training programs to identify new growth opportunities.

Embrace experimentation: Be open to trying innovative strategies to determine what works best for your business.

Thanks to her exceptional combination of creativity, strategic acumen, and adaptability, Ms. Pel Panhavatey consistently delivers notable outcomes for twd. Her unique approach consistently yields outstanding results.


Pel Panhavatey - Lead Generation