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Chit-chat with our team: Tay Theara Vathnak

In the realm of marketing and service consulting, teamwork significantly amplifies success. Collaboration among individuals, content strategists, creative teams, and business developers forms a strong foundation for achieving robust campaigns. By fostering teamwork, we have been pooling diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences, empowering each other to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and secure successful projects collectively. Together at twd., we build, learn, and thrive.

Introducing Mr. Tay Theara Vathnak, our business development manager, who has been actively involved with all the projects and has cherished both hectic and cheerful moments. His role involves managing and overseeing projects, tracking leads and project progress, ensuring client satisfaction, contacting leads across various channels, handling quotations and proposals, and serving as a contact person and representing the company.

Mr. Vathnak obtained a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication from DMC in 2023. Vathnak has always been eager to learn and willing to extend his time for extra activities outside of working hours.

Taking this opportunity, Vathnak also shared what his challenges have been. Bearing the responsibility of the business development department, the job involves daily interactions with diverse individuals, requiring a balance between client and team needs. The challenges include being available round-the-clock to respond to client messages. Days filled with meetings might result in occasional late-night catch-up work to complete pending tasks.

Regardless of these challenges, what keeps Vathnak motivated is seeing the project completed, which resulted from individual and team effort. It takes effort to understand the different requirements of each project; however, it helps everyone grow in different aspects as well.

Lastly, Vathnak also shared a glimpse of his career perspective. “This role demands flexibility and patience as you’ll interact with a diverse range of clients. Carefully listen to their needs and tailor digital marketing packages to fulfill their specific requirements. Problem-solving skills are essential for proposing scopes that align with clients’ goals and desires. Effective communication is paramount, both in client interactions and project management.”

“If you enjoy meeting new people and possess strong communication skills, consider exploring this exciting career path. Business development isn’t just about sales; it’s a continuous learning journey that requires an open mind, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, professional communication skills, flexibility, active listening, and project management expertise,” he added.

Here are extra information for you to get to know more about Vathnak:

Q1: What is your favorite music genre?

Vathnak: Here are my top 3 all-time favorites: Hip Hop, EDM, and Pop.

Q2: Are you a visual or verbal thinker?

Vathnak: I am both. Initially, I prefer to start with some visuals as a guide and to start talk, then proceed in a verbal way. 

Q3: What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Vathnak: Don’t just think that you cannot do it. Try it first and see the result, if it’s not good enough, try harder. 

Q4: What is your favorite quote?

Vathnak: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” It means that no matter what situation you are in, try it first. If you don’t try, you cannot achieve or learn anything from it. 

Q5: What is/are your favorite activities recently? 


  • Hang out and catch up with close friends. As we are all busy with our own responsibilities, I usually want to meet them during my free time.
  • Music always has a spot in my heart. I really enjoy the EDM events. 
  • Learn and listen to seniors’ experiences for personal and professional development because in order to make a thoughtful decision, it requires more experience.